Just Another Blog Kick-Off

I'm convinced that "starting" something on the Internets is the easiest thing in the world to do. Nevertheless, millions take up the task every day. We've had this idea for years but now it's time to put it into motion.

First, we thought this would be a resource for writers . . .

Then, we hoped it would be a showcase for our short stories and for the work of others . . .

This blog might one day turn into both of those things.

In fact, we might follow both of those paths very soon.

But for now, this is where we write about writing and share snippets of work and THINK about writing method, habit and craft.

Also, some of our more artsy photos and images will adorn this page.

This is a departure from our other blog ventures. This isn't intended to be an open forum free-for-all but hopefully might qualify as a presentation featuring some discussion about writing life. 

Hopefully, more later . . .